Want to become famous?

Well, it is a lot easier than you think… 

Become an apprentice and you will be on your way to stardom! The following names all took this path and look where they are now. 

Jamie Oliver 

Jamie Oliver was once an apprentice himself. After leaving School at 16 with just two GCSE’s the Naked Chef began his career in cooking with an NVQ in home economics from Westminster college. This led him to apprenticing at various eateries all over London – including Antonio Carluccio’s Neal Street Restaurant.  

Twenty Years later and a net worth of over 150m, Oliver has appeared in multiple television shows, released countless books, launched global school campaigns and started his own restaurant chain. 

Additionally, he runs his own apprentice program at his first restaurant Fifteen.  

Mr. Oliver states that fifteen reflects the way he would have liked to have been taught. “[That] represents the way I would have loved to have been taught myself,” he states further, “It embraces many of the things I love and feel passionate about, not only in the catering industry but also in friendship and family life.” 

The next person I would like to mention is possibly the greatest football manager of all time. 

Sir Alex Ferguson  

Sir Alex Ferguson began his career outside of football starting an apprenticeship as a toolmaker in the Govan Shipyards.   

The architect of so much success during his 26 – year reign as manager of Manchester united. Remembers the experience warmly at a conference in 2011, he went on to explain. 

“ It is only when you had the opportunity to have an apprenticeship did you realise the long term benefit. Anyone who had experience will have appreciated the skills they learned”.  

Fashion designer Stella McCartney 

Fashion Designer Stella McCartney may have been brought up with a famous father but she did not let that stop her creating her own pathway. 

McCartney gain an apprenticeship with a Saville Row Tailor when she was a student; gaining life-long career skills and experiences that have aided her in becoming one of the world’s well-known fashion designers.  

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