As valuable as it is to have access to a supply of apprentices, it is fantastic to have a partner for improving the skills of our wider staff base. We’re keen to explore everything from project management qualifications for our projects team to cyber security qualifications for our network engineers. Working with DSS has been one of our most fruitful partnerships in our 14yrs as a growing company, and we’re excited to develop that further.
David Schluter
Managing Director | Fluid IT Ltd

Fluid IT provides managed IT support and services, predominantly to organisations driven by purpose and social impact. We’re proud to be a Founding UK B Corporation, with a legal commitment to put our client’s success on a level with our own.

We have always sought to offer development opportunities to candidates from a wide variety of backgrounds and historically have had our own internal programme for apprenticeships. It has been transformational finding such a high quality, local training provider who can supply candidates as well as provide additional training and qualifications for our team more broadly!

We are firm believers that a ‘grow your own’ approach to technicians is a healthy way of ensuring that we have a constant supply of technical staff that are reliably versed in our systems and processes. If we can continually have an intake at an apprenticeship level, they can progress up through our organisation with disciplines learned well, early on. This saves going to market to recruit for junior levels, which is very expensive, often leaves you with candidates discarded for a reason, with a significant retraining for systems and procedures. Compared to taking on an apprentice that can be quickly moulded, it is hard to argue against!

i. Building in disciplines around working behaviours from the outset that pay off years down the line.
ii. Having a steady supply of candidates ripe for internal promotion, rather than going to market to recruit.
iii. The privilege of growing someone into a role that suits them within our team; whether servers, networking, account management or sales – there’s a wide array of possible outcomes, and it is great to watch that happen!

All candidates have progressed extremely rapidly in technical capabilities and throughput. Whilst the pace varies in different areas based on the aptitudes of different candidates, they are invariably quick learners that make rapid progress. This builds capacity across our team and adds to productivity in a meaningful way.