Our apprentice Thomas has fitted into the team well, picks things up quickly and has now become the go-to person whenever a customer has a query as they know they’ll get a swift, friendly response. Thomas takes on all tasks thrown at him with a great attitude and has certainly made my life much easier and enabled me to concentrate on projects I’m working on fully. Our experience with him has been nothing but positive.
Clare Sladen
Financial Systems Analyst | British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation funds research to beat all heart & circulatory diseases and the things that cause them such as heart disease, stroke, vascular dementia and diabetes.

It’s a good opportunity to hire passionate learners and develop their skills and to increase our talent pool.

It’s had a positive impact as we are now able to offer our customers a much-improved service in terms of response times and quality of service. It has also allowed other team members to focus on project work.

The opportunity to gain a fresh perspective on existing processes; the chance to develop a new member of staff and hopefully retain them in the future as a permanent member of staff; great career development opportunity for existing staff.

Absolutely. We were foundering in an attempt to capture Finance Team processes, and our apprentice has taken this on as a project and is making excellent progress. Our customers are also experiencing better response times to queries.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend hiring an apprentice as it has been a very positive experience for our team, and the feedback we are receiving from other teams is excellent. It has definitely improved the team’s image around the company, and it is satisfying that our customers are experiencing a better service.