To me, being an apprentice means that I can further my knowledge and education and improve my qualifications while gaining the much-needed work experience required nowadays without having a substantial debt around my neck.

Thomas Murphy
Apprentice Financial Business Analyst | British Heart Foundation

I would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone as long as it was suitable for their career. It’s a great way to gain relevant knowledge in your desired area as well as the skills to go with it.

The best moment in my apprenticeship so far would probably have to be either the confirmation that I got the apprenticeship or when I completed my probation with the BHF. 

Maintaining a business relationship with my colleagues and how to separate an out-of-work relationship from the workplace and what is and isn’t appropriate discussion both in and out of work. I have also learnt the skills I need to help progress myself further in my job. 

For me, I was tired of sitting in a room listening to a teacher or professor lecturing on and on, not knowing if what I was learning would be needed or even relevant when I was working. An apprenticeship allowed me to learn while I earned and gave me confidence that what I was learning would be relevant or, that the very least, useful for my career. There was also the massive thousands of pounds in debt that came with uni, which may have discouraged me a little. 


My favourite thing about being in a workplace is the atmosphere and work ethic within the environment, especially one like they have at the BHF. 

The key things I have learnt are how to better manage my time, both during and away from work as well as understanding how different issues can affect my travel to and from work and having backup routes in place just in case.