We found the way apprentices think is different from university graduates. Apprentices have a more practical way of approaching things. They also come with a lot of passion and enthusiasm to learn.
Alex Douglas-Mann
Senior SEO Director | iCrossing
  1. A Digital Marketing Agency for Household brands – M&S, Barclays, L’Oréal
  2. Culture is casual, fun, creative etc.
  1. Opportunity to snap up some bright minded rising stars.
  2. They come open-minded with a fresh approach to challenges.
  3. With university fees going up, it’s to offer an alternative learning opportunity without the debt hanging over.
  1. Yes – Great opportunity for them.
  2. Gives our other staff an opportunity to be challenged by fresh energy and ideas.
  3. And the chance to mentor new people.


  1. In the short time they have been here, they have become more familiar and confident in their work and constantly improving to deliver a higher standard.
  2. Already showing huge potential to grow further and hopefully become permanent members of our team once they have completed their training.
  3. It has also given them more hands-on experience which will help their future employability.
  1. Absolutely. It helps to give them a taste of what real work is like and the industry.
  2. Gives an opportunity to explore their interests, before making a commitment to a career and challenges them.