Is Work Experience for everyone?

Let’s be honest, who can raise their hand and honestly say that they were prepared for everything school had instore for them. Should we as school leavers feel automatically confident and ready to start this new adventure in a bright new world of possibilities. After attending years of education and being told what to, and what not to do, should we simply adjust to free thinking and taking control of our futures. Or should we simply be influenced by our family and friends and fall into a natural career path and simply enjoy the ride…  

All joking aside, the thought of my first job had me shaking in my shiny pink shoes with a thousand questions running through my mind. How should I act? How would I act? Is this where I want to be? Is this the career pathway I should be taking? And most importantly what should I wear?! 

I wasn’t able to enjoy the benefits of work experience myself, and it has always left me thinking, maybe if I had I would have felt more prepared and confident in the work place. I’ve been lucky enough to find employment in a company as an apprentice, which allows me to learn while I work. More importantly it helps me to work with students on work experience, so the skills I missed I’ve been able to pick up on the job. 

I feel work experience is a vital part of a student’s progression onto becoming prepared for employment and no one should turn down the opportunity if offered. Students can benefit from meeting new people in a business environment, learning vital employability skills for future employment, experience first hand if this is the career they want to be in, and who knows, maybe even secure a permanent placement if they want to return in the future.  


Jade Lyder
Work Experience Coordinator

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