Got an interview coming up? Don’t worry, we’ve got you!

Digital Skills tips and tricks to ace the interview process.  

PA– USE!Okay let’s talk, put the jeans down please. 

Do you remember when you were young and you admired all these superhero’s who wore specific uniforms, suits and even ties? 

You now need to be that Superhero, pick up your best suit and attend that interview. (We’ll just say your interview, is you saving the day!)  


Ensure you always prepare for your interview the night before. 

Clothes: Washed. Ironed & ready to wear tomorrow.  Shirt. Smart trousers. Appropriate shoes. Tie.   

Notebook and pens: Packed away in your bag.   

CV: Printed out. 

A List of questions to ask the employer. 

Do not try to rush around and prepare for this stuff the same morning! You’ll only set yourself up to fail.  

We all want to look good when presenting ourselves to employers, try to balance out stylish and classy all in one look! 

Ladies: Crisp white shirt, a nice skirt or pair of trousers and a lovely blazer on top. 

Try to remember, as smart as you’re trying to be and as safe as you’re trying to play it…  

That doesn’t necessarily mean boring.  

There are many other candidates lining up to take your role!  

Find something that separates you and allows the employer to remember you.  

Whether it’s a coloured hair-band or as small as a bright coloured brooch, the smallest of details make the biggest impacts. 

Men: White shirts, smart trousers and a tie  

Your tie doesn’t have to be black, it could be the same red tie, which you think looks awfully bright and uncomfortable that could potentially get you that job. 

As fashion designer Rachel Zoe would say “Style is a way to show who you are without having to speak.” 


Smile. Firmhand shake. 

Secure eye contact (Advice: Please do Unot stare into the employer’s soul!) 

Stay professional. 

Be confident. 

Have fun! 

Good luck. 

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