A: As we offer a variety of courses, apprenticeships and traineeships it is best that you start by identifying which type course interests you and the type of career path you would like to pursue. You should then check if there are any entry requirements for the course and the level you have chosen and if they match up with the grades you have.

We run a number of short courses or Traineeships throughout the year, (which can potentially lead into full time apprenticeships) and entry requirements are subject to change, so we are not always able to update information on our website in time. Therefore, if you are in doubt about what you are able to apply for, our Resourcing Team are always on hand to talk you through your best options.

A: The entry requirements will decide if you are eligible to apply or not. The entry requirements will include what grades you need, what level you should be on, age range, and more dependent on the course or apprenticeship. Most of our full time courses require a grade D/ 3-4 or above in Maths and English GCSE (or equivalent Level 2 pass in Functional Skills),

However, if you are applying for a Level 1 Course, Traineeship or other short course, exceptions can be made.

If you are applying for an apprenticeship, and do not have Grade C/4 or Level 2 Functional Skills in Mathematics, English Language or ICT then you will be required to take Level 2 Functional Skills workshops and pass an exam by the end of your apprenticeship.

Entry requirements are subject to change and will vary dependant on what you are hoping to apply for, so if you are unsure as to whether you are eligible to study a course with us it is best to contact our Resourcing Team and discuss your options with them directly.

A: Yes, however, you will need to apply for a student loan. You will start to pay off your student load once you start earning a salary of £21,000 or above and you can arrange for this to be paid monthly.

A: Yes! We advise learners to call us first so that we can help you speak to the most relevant member of our team. If needed we can then arrange a time for you to come in and speak to us face to face.

A: We ask you to come in for an interview or assessment when you have applied to any one of our courses, apprenticeships or trainseeships.

You will need to:

  • Complete a registration form
  • Bring in all your relevant documents (see below for list)
  • Complete basic assessments in IT, English and Maths
  • Be prepared to be interviewed

A: You will be asked to bring in your:

  • Passport or birth certificate
  • Any relevant certificates showing all previous qualifications
  • National Insurance Number

You need to bring in these documents so that we are able to ensure that you are eligible for enrolment on the course and receive Government funding, so that you do not have to pay for the course!

A: You are enrolled on a course once the relevant forms have been completed by a member of staff and signed off. You can collect your ID card generally on the day you enrol unless you are told otherwise. Our Academic Support Team will call or send out letters to all learners with details of your first day, who to report to and information on when you will receive your timetable.

If you have enrolled onto a Traineeship or short course based at Solar House, the Resourcing team will let you know when at the start date and time of the programme are. You will receive your ID card within the first few days of the course.

Once you are enrolled onto an Apprenticeship programme, you and your employer will get a chance to meet with your assessor and discuss which units you may want to choose, you will also be invited in for a one week Induction, which will cover an understanding of the programme, policies and starting the first unit.

If you are still unsure and want to speak with someone, you can call our office and you will be put through to someone who is able to advise you.

A: Yes, we check your previous attendance; ideally, you will have achieved more the 90% attendance. If your attendance is lower than 75% across the year, we will assess your eligibility to progress, as we understand that there may have been external circumstances affecting your attendance.

A: You will be given your ID card on the day that you enrol if you are based at one of the two Newham College sites (East Ham or Stratford).

If you are based at Solar House for a Traineeship or other course, you will have an ID card given to you in your first few days.

If you are an Apprentice, a visitor ID card is given to you when you are at Solar House for Apprenticeship training.

A: You have up to six weeks on a full year college course to request to change.

You have up to two weeks on a Traineeship or short course to be able to change your course.

In either case, if you want to change course or are unsatisfied with your course for any reason, you can let your tutor know and we will book a meeting to discuss your options.

If you are on an apprenticeship, we would advise you to speak first to your assessor regarding your programme who will be able to advise you on the best course of action

A: All of our campuses are easily accessible by public transport, some bus services stop just outside of our campuses and train stations are in close proximity. Should you need to, you can apply for bursaries to help with your travel costs, however, these are not guaranteed.

Digital Skills Solution Head Office and Stratford Campus

Our head office and Newham College’s Stratford campus is a ten minute walk from Stratford tube and bus stations. The closest bus stops are Stratford bus station, Stratford Centre, Litchfield Avenue or Stratford Library

Samsung Digital Academy

Samsung Digital Academy is a ten-minute walk from East Ham Underground station; you can also get buses to Newham Town Hall, Market Street or High Street North East Ham.

A: Your tutor or one of the support team will able to provide you with the details of how to apply and what forms to fill in, these may differ depending on the course you are on. Remember, bursaries cannot be guaranteed and each case is assessed individually based on a number of criteria.

A: Apprenticeship courses can start at any time of the year.

Our full time college courses start in September. However, depending on the course and your situation we can make exceptions for late starters.

We also run a number of short courses and Traineeships throughout the year; you will be informed of the start date of these when you are enrolling.

If you are interested in any one of our courses, but think, it is too late to apply please contact us and we will be able to advise you on your best options.


If you ever have a safeguarding concern or feel at risk then please do not hesitate to contact the college's helpline on 0208 532 3418. However, if you do not feel confident enough to speak on the phone the please email [email protected].

If you are based on one of the college sites, it may be that your Safeguarding concerns are dealt with on site by Newham College’s Safeguarding Team, who work in conjunction with us.

Please note: we take safeguarding and your concerns very seriously, therefore all information is kept private and confidential, unless your consent is given otherwise.