With a wide range of Microsoft accredited programmes covering baseline digital skills focussed on productivity software, DSS offers you the tools and knowledge to maximise your professional opportunities. Our levels range from absolute beginners to advanced, including the Microsoft package and e-safety. Accredited, short, flexible, and fully-funded, they will help you reach your full potential and progress your career further, securing a higher salary.


If you are an employer seeking to attract new talent or upskill existing staff, we can support you with our flexible, high-level digital training. If you are looking to become an apprentice, we will equip you with the tools to thrive. Our clusters are programming; computer & networking support; digital marketing; data analysis; and digital design. 


Working hand in hand with the digital industry, we can strengthen your business’ performance with our portfolio of services, including our single managed service to maximise your levy contract, and a wide range of products within our commercial offer such as professional exams, bespoke training, and online courses.

96% of our employers had a positive impact on business performance as a result of hiring an apprentice

95% of DSS employer-clients are based in the Greater London area

92% of new apprentices gain full-time employment

87% get promoted or secure an increase in salary

We have worked with
180+ employers

We have supported
400+ apprentices

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